Our lives are driven by change.

We can help guide you through it.

Whether you're an individual, a team or a large organization, Spencer Consulting Group can work with you to create, embrace and lead through change.

At Spencer Consulting Group we partner with organizations to develop the right strategy and the most effective operating environment, and to align leadership and management capabilities in order to achieve intended outcomes.

Our core values - spirit, authenticity, accountability, courage, grace, purpose and diversity - create a strong foundation for our partnerships, and they show in what we do and how we do it.

Organization Development

This body of work compromises a set of practices that focuses on the strategic thinking and planning of the organization as well as the development of a flexible operating model. Operating model design and implementation includes well-defined core/support work, roles, tools, competencies, organization structure and rules of engagement.

This work is intended to insure that people are aligned to the plan, the work and the results.

Products and Services Offered:

Organization Assessment »
Building Effective Operating Models »
Planning: From Strategy to Execution »
Project and Program Management Capability »
Building Change Competence »
Human Capital Management as a Strategic Lever »

Leadership/Management Development

Today’s leaders and managers are faced with greater degrees of turbulence, uncertainty, and unexpected change. The challenge is embracing these new situations while keeping those they are leading/managing aligned to and focused on organization priorities. Leaders must possess the competencies required to effectively lead and manage work, processes, and people.

They must also be highly skilled in identifying and cultivating the competencies needed throughout the organization to achieve results.

Products and Services Offered:

Leadership/Management Competency Definition »
SpencerConsultingGroup Standardized or Customized Leadership/Management Curriculum »
Executive/Leadership/Management Coaching »
Group/Team Coaching »
Succession Planning »
Building Communities of Practice for Leaders/Managers »
Executive or Management Retreat Facilitation »

Team Development

One of the most important organization dynamics is that of teams. Teams exist at all levels of an organization and can be intact, virtual, or program/project driven. The synergy of a team often dictates the ability to not only plan effectively, but also drive the vision. Teams also are responsible for a book of work or set of initiatives as well as day-to-day operating environment.

Clarity about the structure and rules of engagement on the team are critical to achieving organization results.

Products and Services Offered:

Team Assessment »
Creating Team Rules of Engagement »
Team to Team Alignment »

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Key Note Address or Workshop Leadership Topics at Retreats or Conferences »

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